Repurposed Window Decor

I made fabric and burlap roses, glued them to the lower corner, and made burlap bunting banners that read "Be Our Guest".   It's the perfect decor addition to our guest room. 

Kitchen Chalkboard Vinyl

I found a roll of chalkboard vinyl at my local craft store on the isle where the chalkboard and dry erase boards are.  Using my die cutting machine, I enlarged a fancy tag shape to make this menu/grocery board for my kitchen.  I added "EAT" using regular colored chalk.

Candle Stick Earring Display

I made this earring display using a candle stick as the base.  I used a wooden round piece for the top and glued a wooden finial to it with liquid nails.  Then, I painted with black spray paint and added screw-in hooks at evenly marked spaces around the edge.  I glued the top to the base with liquid nails.  This is perfect for displaying jewelry.

FYI Copyright Info.

Discovered this information on the website,   Below, I have posted a particular excerpt from the website that I found to be very informative.:

"Copyright Is Automatic?

Yes, thanks to the Berne Convention. At the moment of creation, when the artwork is “fixed” in some tangible form, copyright applies automatically. For a photographer, when you press the shutter release you are making a photo and gaining copyright to that photo at the same time. You don’t have to declare copyright or file any paperwork. It is yours to keep until you explicitly give it away or you die (copyright expires after you, the duration in the U.S. is the author’s lifetime plus 70 years).
That said, there is an advantage to registering your copyright. If a dispute arises, you can get punitive damages (in addition to compensatory damages) if a form was filed before infringement."

Initial Polka Dot Key Chains

Using acrylic buttons from the craft store, I cut vinyl letters and polka dots, attached a ring and key ring, and tied on a ribbon.  Super cute!

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